Here are some pieces of my work. This will be updated often.

Creative Writing

It Couldn’t Hurt

“It rained sparks of different colors just like the old kaleidoscope she had as a child. Marley stood in front of the ran down bus stop with a flickering lamp post overhead providing a faint light. Maybe, if she looked away it would leave her alone. Finn warned that suspicion was fueled with long curious glances. Sparks glitter in a piece of a broken bottle that’s next to the curb. It couldn’t hurt to look at the reflection, right?

“What’s your name?” Don’t look, don’t respond, and don’t give it your name. Finn engrained that mantra into her. They always whirl around the city with sparks flying behind them hunting for that one slip up. It couldn’t hurt to say a few words, right?

“What is a name?”

“A name is a connection, meaning, and something that I would like to know.” She shouldn’t have said anything. With the new interfaces, it was no longer a broken stammer, but smooth words in a monotone voice. Her watch estimated the bus arriving in 2 minutes. It couldn’t hurt to run, right?”

“It Could Hurt” was submitted for a writing contest for Inside The Box Games’ Kickstarter for Newspeak. It received second place.


Her eyes stick to the light flickering through the mildewed panes of the windows lining the street above. Eliza pulls her clothing tighter around her as the wind bites through her petticoat. Walking down the cobblestone street, she pauses to pull something stuck on her shoe. It’s a small crumpled poster, she peers closely at the fine hurried script.

Ready for an adventure? Tired of sipping afternoon tea with your friends? Have skills that are outside of the box?

We’re putting together a team for the unknown. We will focus on places, items, and people of myth and mystery. We’re not for the faint of heart. The team will be flying to places of your wildest dreams or places that you never knew of.

We’re not looking for: Ninnyhammers, Hobbledehoys, Flapdoodles, Foozlers, Hornswogglers, Nincompoops, Meaters, or Lawyers.

Requirements: Be able to fully commit to the team. Be able to pass a physical. Have no attachments to home.

Potential dangers: Burns, cuts, scrapes, psychosis, dehydration, possession, smoke inhalation, unknown/exotic illnesses, broken bones, native aggression, malnourishment, hypothermia/heat stroke, dysentery, and DEATH.

Still hungry for adventure? Meet us at the pub five doors down from the Iron Horse Inn. Be prepared to search for us. We won’t just be in the open. Give us a show, something that will impress us. If we see that you’re worthy, we’ll be in touch.

The bottom of the paper is signed with a perfect circle. Darkness pulls at her soul into the alley. The wind pulls the paper from her hand and onto a journey of its own into the unknown. Eliza dips into the darkness, disappearing from the street and the naked eye.

This was a submission for a writing contest for Inside The Box Games’ Kickstarter for Subterra 2. This was the winning submission.

Rule Book Writing

These are some examples of the rulebooks that I’ve worked on. I’ve assisted in development and adding in copy writing when it is needed. I worked on formatting with the Shift System Quickstart Guide.

Content Writing

Here are some examples of pieces that I created for a client for an inn and a shop for their Dungeon and Dragon’s Game. I have experience with HTML Coding for formatting that can be seen on the Woldish Goatman.

Copy Writing

I’m currently working with a company doing contracted copy writing, but not able to share anything at this time. I wrote creative copy for The Shift System. This can be seen below.

Other Projects

Coming soon!