Wild Beyond: Hither

We made it through the swamp. We definitely didn’t drain it, but we might’ve added more. My players had quite the trip through the area from the Haregon bandits, Jingle Jangle, the O-well, will-o-wisps, to the Bullywugs of the soggy court. I will say, Hither took a bit longer than what I anticipated.

Map of Hither, Wizards of the Coast

Playing this section over the holiday season made scheduling a bit difficult. Though, we were finally able to go through everything that Hither has to offer, Kind of… My players are just some really nice folks in the game and decided to not look around Bavlorna’s Cottage at all. They left on good terms and that was that.

My Players had some fun with Agdon Longscarf as they bagged him up and carried him through to Bavlorna. They decided that he need to face justice and took him right to the source. They also dyed his fur pink to add to the shame of stealing things from others.

One of my mistakes was not making Bavlorna’s Home more enticing to explore for the group. I thought that it would be obvious that the group would want to see what’s happening, but I was very wrong. The party brought Bavlorna’s book and the crate of dead animals right to Bavlorna’s feet in the dim moist sitting room of the cottage. The last thing on the list was to unclog the pool.

I also need to lean more into The Three Rules of Conduct. This is such an important part of the adventure through Prismeer. I’m planning on bringing these rule out more with the guides that the group gains. Clapperclaw is going to not just talk with the group about it more, but also demonstrate the rules with encounters that the party goes through. Here’s a little blurb to read as Clapperclaw (or any of the Prismeer guides).

Before these lands have changed, folks around here interacted with each other differently. Conduct was more important to inhabitants and the ones that turned their noses were punished, often gone without a trace. So, it is important to to always be hospitable to friend or foe. It’s important to not take things that don’t belong to you. And lastly, it’s important to always give something in kind in return. This is how peace flew through our lands. This is what we all miss.

The Encounters in Hither are great! I really loved having them so if I could only do a short session with only a couple of people then I would just throw out one of these encounters. I had some of them meet the Will-o-wisps while others were resting at Telemy hill. Now they call themselves the sparkle gang after receiving a magic boon from them in the form of a small tattoo in the space of a sparkle.

I wasn’t able to have the group visit the Inn at the End of the Road, but I’m going to include something special regarding that encounter when I release the documents for Hither. There will be a one page for Hither and a one page for Bavlorna’s Cottage. These will be coming soon!

I found this awesome list of some fun Fey magic items table! You should definitely check it out!: https://www.tribality.com/2016/05/19/treasures-of-the-fey-market/

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