Ravenloft Mist Hunters

Let’s take a journey into the Mists of the Domains of Dread. Our players will venture through different kind of horrors of each encounter that they face. With the release of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, Wizards of the Coast updated information for 5e on the domains of dread from previously described areas.

Kindred Denial MtG Art from Alchemy: Innistrad by Justyna Gil

Some History of Ravenloft

The name of Ravenloft is known to many players as the castle that is ruled by famous vampire, Strahd von Zarovich. Ravenloft was originally created by Tracy and Laura Hickman in 1982 as a 32 page AD&D adventure that was designed to fit into any campaign. It has been present through all of the evolutions of Dungeons and Dragons as well as some books and video games.

In 2016, The fifth edition adventure module, Curse of Strahd was released opening the reimagined gates to Ravenloft (and The Domains of Dread) once again.

Ravenloft is just beginning of the Domains of Dread. What lies in the Domains of Dread are doomed places of of darkness locked away within the mists. Each Domain is a prison for it’s residents. The mists that surround the domain appear to be an everyday fog to the naked eye, but it is far from normal. This mist is known to appear anywhere and transport unwilling travelers to different domains.

It used to be that only the Vistani people were able to travel the mists, but now there are Mist Walkers, i.e. Kabe Whippoorwill, that can lead people through the mists. Or Someone with a mist talisman can travel to certain domains with that talisman.

What is Ravenloft Mist Hunters?

Ravenloft Mist Hunters is a series 14 adventures going through the Domains of Dread that have been written for Adventure League. Ravenloft Mist Hunter is more heavy on the roleplaying than the combat with characters that originate from the domains themselves. Each adventure should run about 2-4 hours and has been labeled with estimated timing for each section.

I have been using them as a module for a campaign that I run once a month for some friends. There’s a couple things I do to twist the gameplay to be more cohesive as the party isn’t a new group every time that I run it. I make sure to inform my players of the content warnings that are included with the adventure to make sure my players can have a conversation with me before a troublesome topic to find a better solution or option.

Currently, the adventures are still being released. Though, my group is only on the second adventure as of right now. So, so we have plenty of content to go through.

Castle Dracula MtG Art from Innistrad: Crimson Vow by Cliff Childs

I’m going to be doing a series on Ravenloft Mist Hunters as my players complete each section. This will include tools for DMs (Documents, Music, Photos, etc) as I have been doing for the Wild Beyond the Witchlight. So subscribe to my newsletter to let you know when new posts are out!

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