Witchlight Carnival Cheat Sheet

(Update as of 7/10/22: This is no longer password protected)

Well, I thought I would be able to get this finished a little sooner than what I thought, but it’s finished now so I’ll move on. My group is still running through Hither and I’m hoping as a DM I’ll be able to get them through to Thither by February.

Now on to the exciting things, the cheat sheet for the Witchlight Carnival is completed and can be downloaded below. This is intended to be used with the book and only to be used as a quick look as part of the chapter. Thank you so much to the people that have subscribed to my little posts. I’m gears up to start posting more, but I hope to not be a nuisance.

Here’s to 2022 and let all the dice roll!

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