Wild Beyond The Witchlight: Lost Things

Art credit: Wizards of the Coast

I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I’ve heard the announcement about the Wild Beyond the Witchlight. I was so excited that I paused my current campaign that was going to potentially travel into the feywild in order to wait for the magic that was going to be included with this release.

The magic was worth the wait.

From the backgrounds to the new races, my group got excited to dive into the Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Several of my players switched characters from what they were playing before. I was going to jump in from that campaign (I’m going to miss you Dolemwood), but as a majority started new, we began anew.

I had the chance to play through the Lost Things session zero as a player during the DnD celebration/virtual play weekend. My little forest gnome, Puyri, had a grand time as a little squirt going through the carnival. I enjoyed this session zero so much, I was waiting on Dmsguild.com to be able to snag it for my own uses.


When I told my players that they would only need a name and a race, they were confused. What about all the other things we need for our characters?? Once we got started, they totally understood why. In the Lost Things Session Zero, Players will be playing their future characters as their much younger self’s. They will all have a connection with a Owlbear Cublet, Juniper, that will bring the group together and get into some trouble within the Witchlight Carnival.

While I was playing, I never realized how much fun roleplaying as a child would be. Secretly, but not so secretly, Puyri wanted to cuddle everything. When it came to my players, they had so much fun as a little young gang. As a DM, it was great for my characters to have this initial connection with one another from the beginning.

I chose not to give my characters minor curses, but they rolled for their lost items off of the Feywild trinkets. They just didn’t know that these items were going to be gone by the end of the session.

As a DM, It was really nice to be able to get into the weirdness that is a fantasy carnival. I’ve always struggled with using different voices, but I felt like anything I did would just fit into this world. I’m excited to see how this adventure will help me progress as a DM in the future.

Need to Work on:

I should’ve made more of a point to introduce the thieves sooner in the adventure. I felt like I was having an ‘oh shit’ moment when I remembered what I had to do for them. These fiends are crucial for the progression of the story. This adventure is definitely one that you have to know the timing of everything.

Tips and Tricks

  • The first one, read the entire pdf for the session. It is really helpful to be able to tell your players what they’re looking at.
  • Use the Story Tracker. I honestly didn’t think that I would need to use this, but there are so many moving parts. Have a tracker ready to go before you get started.
  • Play some fun carnival music in the background. My players really enjoy being immersed into the world as we’re playing. I’ll include some links to some that I used down below during the session.
  • Have fun! This session shouldn’t be super crunchy at all. This is going to be a fun and silly roleplaying session. You might have characters through mini tantrums or looking for the next shiny thing to add to their collection.
Art Credit: Wizards of the Coast


Lost Things Session Zero (Its free!): https://www.dmsguild.com/product/372375/WBWPR-Lost-Things?term=lost+things


Coming Soon: The Witchlight Carnival

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