Who Am I?

It’s such a simple question, but holds so much to each person that answers it. There’s no right way to define who you are, but only to be true to who you are to yourself.

So, I’m Gabby. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for the majority of my life. I love playing tabletop games and many other hobbies. I’m a creative and strive to express myself in as many forms that I might be able to learn. I’m mostly going to be posting my creative writing or writing about tabletop gaming, but there may be a post or two about photography shoots I’ve had the opportunity to take, or books that I couldn’t just set down.

Dungeons and Dragons has become a huge part of my life lately. It’s been apart of my life for the past seven or so years, but with the pandemic I’ve been able to use it as a facility to express my creativity. I’m starting to run the new campaign Wild Beyond the Witchlight from Wizards of the Coast. I’ll be sharing my journey of running it as a DM and including some tips and tricks. So stay tuned!

Now for some of the typical background, I’m 27 years ago and I live with my wonderful partner and our two furbabies, Ash and Paxton.

Alex, Ash, and I on a camping trip in October 2021.

We live a fairly busy life and we’re working on balancing all of the good, busy, and necessary for our every day. We spend a fair amount of time in the outdoors and I’ll be sharing some highlights from the small adventures that we take.

I went to school originally for a business degree and ended up with a liberal studies degree with a minor in political science. I loved going to school! My favorite courses were always the writing ones and I do miss the prompts that those classes forced me to complete. I just have to force myself now.

My family is Indo and I’m so proud of my heritage. I’m excited to share some recipes that have been passed down through my family and share the tastes of my history.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about myself!

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