Just What You May Be Looking For.

Looking for some content to help boost your game that you’re creating? I’m here to help!

Through working with me, you’ll be able to rely on someone to produce content that will fit into your project. The projects that fit into this gig are pretty broad. I’ll help with world-building, character creation, game design, rulebook writing, and many more.

I’ve been an avid gamer and writer for many years now. From working in a hobby store to being a game presenter at Essen Spiel. I’ve assisted in editing rulebooks for accessibility and readability. I’ve created worlds for various roleplaying games.

I’m ready to get started on any project that you might have an idea about. Please reach out before you make an order to make sure that I’m a good fit for you.


Gabby Bangert

This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about Tabletop Gaming, Freelance Writing, Digital Art, and more!

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